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Change a life with the gift of hearing on Mandela Day 2019!



“What you are doing here, is turning tragedy into triumph” – Mr. Nelson Mandela’s words in 2002 when Eduplex was officially opened.

Mandela Day calls us all to make the world a better place, we celebrate his legacy in our sustainable way to bring a lasting gift of hearing. 

In many communities, poverty and poor-quality resources leave deaf children being excluded from society and preventing them from reaching their full potential in the work environment. In a country of economic uncertainties, we intend to support patients with financial needs. Most of our beneficiaries resides in rural communities and can’t afford a Cochlear Implant. 

How You Can Change a Life Today!

  • Donate R67 or more towards the gift of hearing for a child in need.
  • Spend your 67 minutes to share this positive initiative and motivate 6 OR 7 friends to do the same.


Every Cent Counts!