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Change a life with the gift of hearing on Mandela Day 2019!



“What you are doing here, is turning tragedy into triumph” – Mr. Nelson Mandela’s words in 2002 when Eduplex was officially opened.

Mandela Day calls us all to make the world a better place, we celebrate his legacy in our sustainable way to bring a lasting gift of hearing. 

In many communities, poverty and poor-quality resources leave deaf children being excluded from society and preventing them from reaching their full potential in the work environment. In a country of economic uncertainties, we intend to support patients with financial needs. Most of our beneficiaries resides in rural communities and can’t afford a Cochlear Implant. 

How You Can Change a Life Today!

  • Donate R67 or more towards the gift of hearing for a child in need.
  • Spend your 67 minutes to share this positive initiative and motivate 6 OR 7 friends to do the same.


Every Cent Counts!







We are extremely proud about the total of 47 GIFTS OF HEARING provided to people with hearing loss in 2018…


Looking back at the Cochlear Implant procedures performed, facilitated and orchestrated by our professional team of expert doctors and surgeons; together with our successful Cochlear Implant Division at the Ear Institute Pretoria, we are very thankful that we could be part of these life-changing operations.

29 of these operations was made possible by the support and contributions from donors and partners who supported the Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in South Africa during the year.

We are humbled and very grateful towards each donor for all the support we received in 2018.  Every donation changed the life of someone in need. 

The gift of hearing is a lasting gift that our patients will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Thank you to everyone who believed in the gift of hearing during 2018!