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Hendrico Ackerman shares his success with 2 cochlear implants

Because Hendrico did not benefit enough from his hearing aids, and suffered a speech and language developmental delay, it was considered that a cochlear implant will be his only hope. Hendrico received his first cochlear implant on 31 September 2014 after being approved a successful candidate. The implant procedure was very successful and the device was switched-on on the 2nd of October 2014. His reaction to sound was very good and he was able to condition to speech bursts. He also underwent ongoing speech therapy in his hometown, as he particularly struggled with auditory processing skills.

Although he was doing very well with his first implant, a second implant would help Hendrico develop to his full potential by hearing binaurally. A second implant would provide significant benefits, namely – assisting him in developing processing abilities, improving his localization of sound, providing better hearing in noisy environments (classroom), improving his acquisition of language and improving focused listening for academic achievement. He was approved a successful candidate for his second implant and received the procedure on 11 September one year later. Hendrico is doing magnificently well and he responds wonderful to sound.