Cobus du Plessis

Cobus was born with severe hearing loss and depended on hearing aids all his life. He is now 25 years old and his hearing deteriorated to the extent that cochlear implants were the only solution.

In January 2016 Cobus received Phonak Advanced Bionics cochlear implants in both ears. The Cochlear implants were successfully switched on in February 2016. There is an adjustment period after the switch-on to recognise and become comfortable with sounds again.

Cobus showed phenomenal progress – he could already hear speech after only 4 months!

Cobus is working as a computer technician and communicates with clients on a daily basis. The Phonak Advanced Bionics implants will therefore open many doors in his work environment and he can now look forward to a wonderful future where his speech and hearing abilities will improve!

Enjoy the hearing journey Cobus!