Bianca Ntuli living her life to the fullest

Bianca was 9 years old when she received her first implant – and only spoke 3-4 word sentences with her hearing aids before the life changing operation. Bianca had to undergo intensive speech and language therapy in order to express herself, and to develop her listening and communication skills. It was a wonderful blessing that she was able to receive her second implant one year later in order to improve her speech and language skills even more. Bianca could receive better education in a mainstream school since she received her implants and she lives life just as any other hearing child. She is now 13 years old and understands speech and language perfectly well – and most of the times, she also speaks full sentences. This young lady has a lot of potential and will now have the chance on a career and bright future. We are so grateful for all the support she received to get this far.