Cochlear Implant Journey & Testimonial, Mr Mpho Matibe


Going forward, the year 2018 marks the biggest life changing hearing dream of my life.


I had underwent Cochlear Implant surgery on 21 September 2018  whereby a magnet is inserted under your skin and I couldn’t be more thankful to a team of doctors from Ear Institute for Hearing, Nose & Throat in Queenswood, Pretoria as well as The Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in Southern African.

On the 22nd October 2018; imagine I had waited more than 30 years to see my dream become a reality – I mean the joy of having an unbelievable real experience and that is to hear.  

The echo of the sound I heard after wearing the Cochlear Implant for the first time still rings in my head like a lullaby and today a lot has changed. I am able to sing crazily in my car hearing all the lyrics of the song while driving, the movies I constantly watch and having curiosity on what it means to hear what the actors are saying and its story ending line, hearing people knock from your door even after you locked it, my phone ringing even if I am busy cooking and not staring at it and talking to my team of Engineers at work – that alone was the most beautiful thing I have ever had in my life.

Now I am able to attend meetings and hear what the agenda is all about and asking questions and being given feedbacks.

I recalled parking my car at the site at work and the funny thing I heard about 500 or more metres away from me was the sound of the turbine generator and people talking because before this, I never heard such things.