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Cobus du Plessis

Cobus was born with severe hearing loss and depended on hearing aids all his life. He is now 25 years old and his hearing deteriorated to the extent that cochlear implants were the only solution.

In January 2016 Cobus received Phonak Advanced Bionics cochlear implants in both ears. The Cochlear implants were successfully switched on in February 2016. There is an adjustment period after the switch-on to recognise and become comfortable with sounds again.

Cobus showed phenomenal progress – he could already hear speech after only 4 months!

Cobus is working as a computer technician and communicates with clients on a daily basis. The Phonak Advanced Bionics implants will therefore open many doors in his work environment and he can now look forward to a wonderful future where his speech and hearing abilities will improve!

Enjoy the hearing journey Cobus!

Hendrico Ackerman shares his success with 2 cochlear implants

Because Hendrico did not benefit enough from his hearing aids, and suffered a speech and language developmental delay, it was considered that a cochlear implant will be his only hope. Hendrico received his first cochlear implant on 31 September 2014 after being approved a successful candidate. The implant procedure was very successful and the device was switched-on on the 2nd of October 2014. His reaction to sound was very good and he was able to condition to speech bursts. He also underwent ongoing speech therapy in his hometown, as he particularly struggled with auditory processing skills.

Although he was doing very well with his first implant, a second implant would help Hendrico develop to his full potential by hearing binaurally. A second implant would provide significant benefits, namely – assisting him in developing processing abilities, improving his localization of sound, providing better hearing in noisy environments (classroom), improving his acquisition of language and improving focused listening for academic achievement. He was approved a successful candidate for his second implant and received the procedure on 11 September one year later. Hendrico is doing magnificently well and he responds wonderful to sound.

Letago Ramoroka can hear

Little Letago’s device was successfully switched on, on 18 September 2015 when he consistently responded to his name being called by looking up and touching his headpiece every time. His mother was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw the amazed look on her sons face as he experienced sound for the very first time. Letago’s mother reported that his auditory responses are improving every week and that he is starting to imitate sounds. It is important to remember that the implant will give Letago better access to sounds, but he still needs to learn how to listen and to attach meaning to sounds and needs to continue intensive speech and language therapy to facilitate speech and language development. We are very proud of Letago’s improvement and know that he will experience life far better with access to sound.

Stephan Heyneke hears sound for the first time

This bright boy received both his cochlear implants in 2012. He was born deaf in 2010 and diagnosed with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss at the age of 2, when his parents realized that he doesn’t react to sound. Stephan presented remarkable improvement after he received his cochlear implants and we received continuous positive feedback from his parents. His hearing, speech and language abilities developed magnificently over the past few years, while Stephan is still receiving continuous therapy. Now, a few years older, Stephan performs a lot better at school and at home. From being much more social, less frustrated, getting along with his siblings much better, being a lot more controlled and focused, Stephan flourishes with his implants.

Shanwill Mouton

Shanwill was 6 years old when he received his Cochlear Implant. At that time of the Implant Shanwill only used about 10 recognisable words. Shanwill’s cochlear implant device was switched on, on 1 September 2015 with exceptional results. His parents also reported shortly after the switch on about his awareness of environmental sounds, reaction to his name and his imitation of sounds. Shanwill even started to sing when listening to songs. He is now 7 years old and can finally speak short sentences. Being a lot more vocal, Shanwill gradually wants to communicate and socialize with others. His cochlear implant changed his life as a child and he can look forward to a bright future ahead!