Our Vision

Our vision was given in 1992. The Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in Southern Africa was established 5 years later with the mission to act as a change agent for children with a hearing loss internationally.

Since our establishment, we are committed to improve quality of life and promoting equal opportunities for people with hearing loss. Our first project, the Eduplex school, started with the vision to make a difference in deaf education by including unprivileged, deaf children into mainstream society.  Eduplex consists of a Pre-, Primary- and High School, as well as a Training Institute (ETI), offering practical online courses in the inclusion of deaf children in a mainstream school for parents and professionals from around the world.

At Eduplex deaf children learn alongside their normal hearing friends – without using sign language. Here they acquire spoken language to enable them to ultimately reach their full potential, becoming independent members of society. This is only possible by including deaf children in a mainstream school like Eduplex, with the necessary support, and optimum use of modern technology like hearing aids and cochlear implants. The Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in SA raises funds for school bursaries to embrace mainstream education at Eduplex for deaf children coming from lower socio-economic communities.

Additionally, the Cochlear Implant Division started at the Pretoria Ear Institute in 2010. Many deaf children who could not benefit sufficiently from hearing aids due to the severity of their hearing loss, could receive cochlear implants to give them access to sound and provide them with the chance of age-appropriate speech and language development. Our vision therefore expanded rapidly, following our fundraising efforts to reimburse short fall amounts for children and adults in need of cochlear implants.

Our vision extends beyond mere giving, as we believe that financial standing should not prevent anyone from the gift of hearing and spoken language, hence our support to all individuals. We believe that the ability to hear and communicate creates independence, better educational outcomes to reach full potential promoting developing community leaders to play a vital role in society. Our vision to change the quality of life for all individuals with hearing loss, is a passport to a better future for everyone in our country.

Our Mission

  • To improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss
  • To create a better sustainable future for people with hearing loss
  • To inspire, educate, develop and empower an entire community
  • To create fresh perspectives and innovative solutions
  • To promote social welfare
  • To foster social transformation, inclusion and equality
  • To encourage poverty alleviation
  • To generate a lasting change

Board Members

The Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in Southern Africa consists of 10 proud Board Members:

  • Mr J. Grobbelaar (Chairman)
  • Mr D. Mbokane
  • Dr S. Strauss
  • Dr F. van Zyl
  • Mr P. van Deventer
  • Mr M. Stolk
  • Mr N. van der Merwe jr
  • Mr N. van der Merwe (Founder)

The Board meets quarterly to ensure that donor contributions fund the highest quality research, and its members help the Foundation achieve its public outreach objectives. The Board formulates plans, defines goals and objectives, and evaluates the success in achieving our mission.

We thank all our sponsors for your generous and ongoing support.



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