Along with the support from our donors and partners across the globe, we change the lives of disadvantaged, deaf children, and adults by raising funds for hearing amplification devices. Furthermore, donations also allow deaf children from economically poor homes to receive private, inclusive, mainstream education.

Several organisations and an online learning platform originated when our vision was broadened, including:

  • A model for inclusive education;
  • Establishing the Eduplex private, mainstream schools;
  • A fundraising platform towards:
    • school bursary funds for deaf children from impoverished backgrounds to enable them to receive first class oral education at Eduplex;
    • underprivileged children and adults in Sub-Saharan Africa to obtain the gift of hearing such as hearing aids and cochlear implants.
  • The establishment of the Eduplex Training Institute (ETI), an online distance learning training provider offering training in inclusive education, hearing aid acoustics, paediatric audiology etc to teachers, audiologist, speech therapist, medical personnel and parents from more than 45countries around the world.

We believe that with access to sound, we can develop the self-esteem and communication skills of people with hearing loss. In doing so, they can become literate, receive an education, and ultimately contribute to society at large.


New possibilities for children with a hearing loss due to:

  • Advances in medical and audiological science - Improved and earlier diagnosis of hearing loss and availability of cochlear implants.
  • Advances in hearing aid and cochlear implant technology - Allowing maximum use of residual hearing even in those with profound hearing losses.
  • Improved knowledge of early childhood language development.

The Foundation established the Eduplex, a mainstream school for inclusive deaf education, which serves as a model for inclusive education internationally. Since its inception the Eduplex has had a 100% Grade 12 pass rate with many deaf children attaining subject distinctions. All the deaf children have attained tertiary education exemption.

Over the years the vision has been expanded to include financial support not only to deaf children and adults, but also to establish an online training institute (Eduplex Training Institute or ETI to ultimately benefit even more deaf children.
To date professionals and parents have been trained in inclusive education from more than 32 countries world-wide.

Extensive teacher training courses are held regularly throughout South Africa.

ETI has published several international books (including in the USA) as well as several publications in medical journals.

Link to Eduplex Training Institute click here

"I wanted to give up as a teacher – you have given me new hope for the future." - C Bothma, South Africa