Letago Ramoroka can hear

Little Letago’s device was successfully switched on, on 18 September 2015 when he consistently responded to his name being called by looking up and touching his headpiece every time. His mother was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw the amazed look on her sons face as he experienced sound for the very first time. Letago’s mother reported that his auditory responses are improving every week and that he is starting to imitate sounds. It is important to remember that the implant will give Letago better access to sounds, but he still needs to learn how to listen and to attach meaning to sounds and needs to continue intensive speech and language therapy to facilitate speech and language development. We are very proud of Letago’s improvement and know that he will experience life far better with access to sound.

Stephan Heyneke hears sound for the first time

This bright boy received both his cochlear implants in 2012. He was born deaf in 2010 and diagnosed with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss at the age of 2, when his parents realized that he doesn’t react to sound. Stephan presented remarkable improvement after he received his cochlear implants and we received continuous positive feedback from his parents. His hearing, speech and language abilities developed magnificently over the past few years, while Stephan is still receiving continuous therapy. Now, a few years older, Stephan performs a lot better at school and at home. From being much more social, less frustrated, getting along with his siblings much better, being a lot more controlled and focused, Stephan flourishes with his implants.

Shanwill Mouton

Shanwill was 6 years old when he received his Cochlear Implant. At that time of the Implant Shanwill only used about 10 recognisable words. Shanwill’s cochlear implant device was switched on, on 1 September 2015 with exceptional results. His parents also reported shortly after the switch on about his awareness of environmental sounds, reaction to his name and his imitation of sounds. Shanwill even started to sing when listening to songs. He is now 7 years old and can finally speak short sentences. Being a lot more vocal, Shanwill gradually wants to communicate and socialize with others. His cochlear implant changed his life as a child and he can look forward to a bright future ahead!

A very excited Gerrit Snyman tells his story

Gerrit has been deaf since the age of one year. He has been living his life with hearing aids, but never gave up hope for a miracle. He has two normal hearing children, which made communication with them very difficult. His hearing disability also had a negative impact on his work and productivity in general. He decided on a cochlear implant to live a quality and normal life as he didn’t benefit from his hearing aids any longer, and was approved as a successful candidate to receive this miracle operation.

We are delighted to report that Gerrit’s cochlear was successfully switched on, on 31 May 2016 and in his own words he was very excited to report back the next day about hearing his dog fell in the swimming pool…

Happy hearing Gerrit! Enjoy all the new, wonderful sounds around you.

Wimpie Bekker switch on

Meet Wimpie, a remarkable Grade 11 learner at HTS Pretoria Tuine. He was born with severe tot profound hearing loss in his left ear and has been wearing a hearing aid since the age of 3. At the age of 12, his right ear also indicated signs of hearing loss, and soon thereafter, he didn’t obtain enough benefit from his hearing aids any longer. Due to his hearing loss, Wimpie has always been struggling with language subjects at school. His parents then considered a cochlear implant to help him perform better and to provide him with many successful education and employment opportunities as an adult. Wimpy is doing great with his cochlear implant and shows remarkable improvement at school. Three weeks after the switch on, on 6 May 2016, Wimpie was already able to hear 50% of speech, which is amazing progress in such a short time. He completed his level 1, 2 and 3 first aid courses and started working as a volunteer with Fun-Cure Ambulance services. Wimpie is now also employed on a regular basis by Sport Med. He is a volunteer paramedic with ambulance services as well as with the Community Policing Forum. A great future awaits this young man!

Savannah Broes booked her second Cochlear Implant for August 2016

Savannah’s family informed us about their experience regarding Savannah’s cochlear implant procedure. They are happy to report that the operation, the postoperative care and all the attention to detail was remarkable. After Savannah’s switch on, they were amazed the moment Savannah indicated that she could hear the car being started, her footsteps on the pavement and most precious of all – her mother kissing her!

It has now been a while since she started wearing the device and her vocabulary has remarkably increased. This implant has opened up a whole new world for Savannah and will change her life forever. Because Savannah’s improvement is beyond expectations, they already started raising funds for her second implant. Savannah’s surgery for another miracle is scheduled Aug 2016.