We are extremely proud about the total of 47 GIFTS OF HEARING provided to people with hearing loss in 2018…


Looking back at the Cochlear Implant procedures performed, facilitated and orchestrated by our professional team of expert doctors and surgeons; together with our successful Cochlear Implant Division at the Ear Institute Pretoria, we are very thankful that we could be part of these life-changing operations.

29 of these operations was made possible by the support and contributions from donors and partners who supported the Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in South Africa during the year.

We are humbled and very grateful towards each donor for all the support we received in 2018.  Every donation changed the life of someone in need. 

The gift of hearing is a lasting gift that our patients will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Thank you to everyone who believed in the gift of hearing during 2018!

Forever Resorts SA Golf Day 2018

On Thursday, 15 November, Forever Resorts South Africa hosted their annual Charity Golf Day, this year in aid of the Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in SA at Blue Valley Golf and Country Estate.


The Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss, creating a sustainable future for people with hearing loss, inspire, educate, develop and empower an entire community, create fresh perspectives and innovative solutions, promote social welfare, encourage poverty alleviation and generate a lasting change.

The Forever Golf Day raised a total of R189 093.01 and the funds were paid over directly to the foundation to help three children (Haley Smit, 4, Ronisha Malander, 4, and Mulweli Makhuva, 9) to pay for their cochlear implants.

Mulweli underwent his operation on Monday, 19 November 2018 and will now be going through the process of slowly training his brain to hear again as he lost his hearing due to illness some years ago.

We would like to thank Forever Forever Resorts South Africa, the Golfers, and all the wonderful sponsors who participated in this successful Golf Day, supporting the cause and making such a huge difference in the lives of children with hearing loss.  Without you, your passion and your selfless generosity this would not have been possible. Oranje Drukkers, Bravo Group Sealy, Backgat Braai, Adams&Adams, Pam Golding Nelspruit, Beeld, Birchwood Hotel, Unlimited Events Group, Forever Warmbaths, Forever Badplaas, Forever Gariep, Forever Centurion, Forever Loskopdam, Forever White River, BDT Accountants, AirlinkVictoria Falls Rainbow Hotel, Wild Horizons Tours, The Good Oaks, Pentagon Security Consultants, FNB, Valorem, Agri SA, Rockwood Theatre, Delheim Wines, Levati Water, Rhino Clothing, Work Front, Dairymaid, Pretoria FM, Decimal Agency and Zebula Golf Estate and Spa.


Listen to our Pretoria FM interview with Forever Resorts South Africa for their annual golf day, held on November 15, 2018, for the benefit of the Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss.

Bruce Springsteen joins Hear The World as Ambassador

Staefa, Switzerland, April 9, 2018

The Hear the World Foundation, a Swiss charitable foundation that supports people in need, and particularly children, with hearing loss, is thrilled to welcome Bruce Springsteen among its ambassadors. The new ambassador for conscious hearing supports the non-profit’s hearing loss prevention campaign.



Bruce Springsteen’s recording career spans over 40 years, he has released 18 studio albums, garnered 20 Grammys, won an Oscar, been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, received a Kennedy Center Honor, and was MusiCares’ 2013 Person of the Year. Springsteen’s memoir ‘Born to Run’ and its companion album ‘Chapter and Verse’ were released in September 2016, and he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in November that year. Springsteen’s The River Tour 2016 was named the year’s top global tour by both Billboard and Pollstar. In October, Springsteen made his Broadway debut with ‘Springsteen on Broadway,’ a solo show currently running at the Walter Kerr Theatre.

Photographer and musician Bryan Adams, an ambassador of the Foundation since its establishment in 2006, took Bruce Springsteen’s official ambassador portrait in the Hear the World pose with one hand behind an ear – synonymous with conscious hearing. The meaningful black-and-white photograph will unite Bruce Springsteen with over hundred other musicians, models and actors who have supported the Hear the World Foundation over the past ten years. The team of renowned ambassadors help to raise global awareness about the importance of good hearing.

Hear the World helps children in need hear

Since 2006 the Hear the World Foundation, the cornerstone of Sonova’s CSR engagement – Sonova is the leading provider of hearing solutions, has supported over 80 projects on all five continents, providing financial resources, donating hearing solutions, and training project workers in audiology on site. Efforts such as awareness campaigns, charity events and the sale of the Hear the World calendar, featuring the celebrity ambassadors help to raise global awareness about hearing health and supports children in need with hearing loss enabling them to develop at an appropriate rate for their age. More about the history of the Hear the Word Foundations and its projects can be found here.

Hearing loss – an underestimated issue with serious consequences

The significance of hearing loss is still underestimated, despite the figures painting a clear picture: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 466 million people (around 5% of the global population) are affected by moderate to profound hearing loss – around 34 million of whom are children. Most of those affected live in low- or middle-income countries and do not have any access to audiological care. Untreated hearing loss can have serious consequences, particularly for children. As well as difficulty learning to talk, they have hardly any chance of going to school and are often ostracized from society.

Hear the World Foundation – a Sonova Group initiative

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Huisgenoot featuring Blind employee and family feel good story

The gift of hearing

Hearing is a given to most of us. But we have met a brother and a sister who received it as a gift and who are able to hear for the first time in 9 and 11 years.

Guest Resource Services employee Johan Venter, who has 4% sight,  and his family will be in this month’s addition of Huisgenoot to celebrate the gift of hearing.  Corban and Samantha received the gift of hearing earlier this year.

What makes this family unique is the fact that Johan and his wife Tanya are blind and their 2 children are deaf. The family also have a 2 year-old Micyla who can see and hear.

The full story of this family’s road to the gift of hearing will be in this month’s addition of Huisgenoot, YOU and DRUM.  Please help us celebrate.



Miracle for deaf siblings, Corban and Samantha Venter

“For the very first time my children will be able to hear my voice, and they will be the ears and eyes of our family.”  

These were the heartfelt words of the elated blind mother of two deaf children who had a cochlear implant operation at the Zuid Afrikaans Hospital.  Parents Johan and Tania Venter both have a 5% vision and are essentially blind. Their children, Corban, 10, and his 8-year-old sister Samantha were born deaf.

“I can’t wait for them to call me mom,” said a tearful Tania, who suffered from progressive disease retinitis pigmentosa, which left her blind. Family members communicate by touch alone; the children cannot hear their parents speak and the parents cannot see their children’s signs.

But all that is about to change.  The siblings were admitted to hospital at 6am and were long ready to undergo what the mother described as a “life-changing operation”.  The combined six-hour long operation left both parents unsettled. Samantha went to into theatre at 7.30am, and her brother followed at 11am “My mind was pacing and contradicting itself. On one hand, I had hoped it would run smoothly, but the longer the operation dragged on, fear and doubt crept in.

“I started thinking of the worst,” said Johan.  When the Pretoria News arrived at the paediatric ward after the operation, the siblings had bandages wrapped around their heads and were having a dessert.  Visibly jolly, they interacted with their parents and other visitors.

“I’ve always prayed for this miracle to happen and today I can ‘see’ it,” said Tania. Despite her limited ability to see, was ecstatic.  But the road to leading to the operation has not been easy, and they have tried to raise funds for the implants for many years.  They eventually joined the Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in Southern Africa, which works hand in hand with the Pretoria Ear Institute where the cochlear implant efforts were conducted.  A fund-raising campaign was established to raise over R800 000.  By the end of 2014, their mother and the Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss had raised R136 000, leaving a shortfall of R668 000.  The Nellie Atkinson Trust, managed by NedGroup Trust, stepped in with the outstanding money.

Its spokesperson, Lorenzo Davids, said the delay of having the cochlear implants would have been detrimental to their chances of getting a proper education, and of becoming independent and employable adults.  The part of the brain which manages hearing would have become permanently damaged, and future surgery would be of no use.  The Venters said that although they were a unique family with disabilities, they tried by all means to lead a normal life. “It is amazing,” said stepfather Johan.  

Their biological father, who is sighted, left the family when they were both very young. Their mother recently married Johan, who is also blind.  Johan said they had developed ways and means to carry out conversation.  

The children know to knock and bang on doors and walls to attract their parents’ attention; they help their parents in doing daily chores around the house.  But he explained that when they are in public places like a mall or a park, they could not call or see them, and this made ensuring their safety difficult. They had to rely on external help.  “Because they know we cannot see, they explain colours to us and give descriptions of pictures, events and clothing,” said Tania.  They also helped their mother to pair her shoes and held her hand to allow her to feel the texture of clothes.  The children loved looking at pictures, which they described to their parents, and, like all girls her age, Samantha loved to take selfies on her cellphone.  

Corben and Samantha attend school at the Transoranje School for the Deaf just across the road from their home in Pretoria West.  Their mother is a teacher at Prinshoff School for the Visually Impaired, while Johan works at the Tshwane University of Technology.  The siblings will be able to take their bandages off by Thursday, and after a month their devices will be switched on at Eduplex school.

Erika Basson, from the Foundation For Children with Hearing Loss, said the children would require intense rehabilitation and programming as they acquired skills and developed language.  “They will have to familiarise themselves with all the different sounds, which at first is a daunting task but will eventually be fulfilling,” she said.

07 March 2017 – IOL News, Sakhile Ndlazi


DTV – The Venter Family Follow Up